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At Barton Knives I work hard to provide you with professional grade tools of the highest quality.
I use the best materials I can get my hands on so as to provide you with a tool that will do its job well, every time. and when you're done with it you can pass it down to your children and grand-children, knowing that you have given them a proven, quality tool.

I am a one man operation and every phase of your knife's construction is done in my shop, by me.
When you buy one of my knives, you know that every aspect of your new tool has been painstakingly scrutinized.

so you can feel safe in your purchase, I warranty all of my work.
 although, I can not warranty any natural material. I purchase the best quality wood I can, but that does not guaranty against color changing and possible checking over time. This is the nature of wood and part of its beauty.